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Birramia, Italian web store specialised in brewing kits and starter kits for beer.
In our catalogue you will find hopped malts and malt extracts of the best quality, Brewmaker, Mangrove Jack's, Woodforde's, Milestone, Coopers, Black Rock, and also our series Mitica, Cosmica, Absolute Malt and Belgian Extreme.
We also sell ingredients for home made beer, such as malt, barley, hop, yeast, and textbooks about beer, equipments for homebrewers.
We import liquid and dry yeasts, White Labs and Mangrove Jack's. We realise the widest selection of kits with stainless steel fermenters, and moreover we organise all grain brewing courses and homebrewing trainings.
Birramia, we are experts in home made raw beer.
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