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Birramia is one of the most famous Italian web store, where you can find a lot of articles for homebrewing. It was created thanks to the great passion of its patron and founder Jean Luc, the ideal and technical referee of our team.

Starting from his unlimited curiosity and from his indisputable technical ability, it was founded a company which is based on products and equipments of indubitable quality: we are proud to offer to our customers only the products in which we trust first! In addition to quality, we also take a special care of preservation and handling of goods, all our operators have, indeed, the HACCP certification, and the spaces and rooms where we store and handle food goods possess hygiene requirements prescribed by law: it is our care to send you products in which you can trust and whose production chain you can check.

Birramia was born as a small and simple company, and it owes its development to the word of mouth of our most loyal customers, which allowed us to increase our means in order to provide you always new products for all your needs!

Every day we realise new projects, which can satisfy all our customers, even for less traditional needs: you will see them on our web site and also on our Facebook profile. All your suggestions will be considered and examined, in order to offer new products affordable for everyone.

Our current catalogue includes all kinds of article useful for brewing home made beer, from ingredients such as malt and barley of the best quality, to hops hailing from all over the world and yeasts both dry and liquid, in particular the dry yeasts by Mangrove Jack's and the liquid yeasts by White Labs, exclusively imported by Birramia.

In our catalogue you will also find all the complementary accessories for homebrewing, from bottles to sanitising products, from kegs to stainless steel fermenters. Moreover, we also supply a wide selection of technical articles, such as densimeters and a lot of tools, both analogue and digital, very useful for the homebrewer.

Our clientele include both private customers who want to brew their own home made beer, and also micro-breweries and brewpubs, with whom our company has not only a business relationship but also of technical advice.

Just the will to closely take care of our customers has inspired our Brewer Jean Luc, who always answers to the numerous customers, private or not, that have any doubt or ask for advice while preparing their own home made beers: making beer by using the kits is easy, but we remember well the doubts and the fear of failure of the first times!!!

We want our web site to be also Your web site, obviously for purchasing (after all, this is our job), but even and especially to ask, to learn and, why not, to discuss just as occurs between friends.

Furthermore, we want to remind you that since 2004 Birramia organise the National Contest “A Beer in Versilia”, annual meeting of the homebrewing lovers; homebrewers from all over Italy take part to the contest, so having the possibility to compare their opinions, suggestions and recipes, in addition to the opportunity to win the contest with their own beer.

Special guests of this event are some leading figures of the Italian and international brewing such as the great Kuaska, Davide and Monica Bertinotti, Max Faraggi, and also Master Brewers from very known breweries.

We also organise periodically All Grain Brewing Courses, attended both by homebrewers and by pub owners who want to improve their brewing abilities.

Birramia is a dynamic company, always evolving, which wants to interact with its customers not only by a commercial point of view, but also for its homebrewing passion, by passing on its own knowledge and expertise to everyone interested in.

Gianluca Rossi alias Jean Luc
Patron of Birramia, master brewer, technician, inventor
Mimma Beluffi
Administrative Office
Samara Bianchini
Web Manager
Federica Marangoni
Administrative Office
Alessandro Pellegrini
Commercial Manager
Leonardo Pelletti
Fabio Barsella
Bruno Chiari
Matteo Puccinelli
Packaging Operator
Luca Gherardi
Packaging Operator
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Birramia, Italian web store specialised in brewing kits and starter kits for beer.
In our catalogue you will find hopped malts and malt extracts of the best quality, Brewmaker, Mangrove Jack's, Woodforde's, Milestone, Coopers, Black Rock, and also our series Mitica, Cosmica, Absolute Malt and Belgian Extreme.
We also sell ingredients for home made beer, such as malt, barley, hop, yeast, and textbooks about beer, equipments for homebrewers.
We import liquid and dry yeasts, White Labs and Mangrove Jack's. We realise the widest selection of kits with stainless steel fermenters, and moreover we organise all grain brewing courses and homebrewing trainings.
Birramia, we are experts in home made raw beer.
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