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Home-brewed beer:

welcome to birramia!

Birramia is a concentrate of passion for home brewing, which we pass on to home brewers and microbreweries in Italy and around the world. For years we have been a reference point thanks to excellent perime materials (hops, malts, yeasts...) and equipment to make beer of the highest quality.

If you want to know how to brew beer at home this is the right place for you!
But also if you have already started brewing or if you are a professional in the field. On our site you will find lots of tips, tutorials, trivia, recipes and more.

Immerse yourself in this amazing world of homemade craft beer and grow your hobby with us!

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Homemade craft beer

What kind of homebrewer are you?

Ready-made malt beer

Have you never brewed beer but would like to get started? Or have you already purchased a fermentation kit and now would like to brew your second beer from ready-made malt?

This area is dedicated to you!

E+G technique

Ready-made malts don't give you much satisfaction but now you'd like to take an extra step into the wonderful world of homebrewing? Switch to E+G, an intermediate method between ready-made malt and the technique used in the brewery.

All Grain technique

Feeling ready for the big leap? Become an accomplished home brewer by switching to the All Grain technique. This is the same method used in the brewery, but with a reduced liter for private consumption

Brewing steps

buy by brewing stages

Grinding in grains is essential. You can choose the grinding option or purchase a grain mill.

All-grain mashing can be done either with pots or with a system such as Easygrain.

Sparging (or washing the grains) can be done in many different ways, depending on your needs.

During boiling and hopping, the various hops prescribed in the recipe for the type of beer chosen are added.

Cooling the wort quickly is very important. You can speed this up by using a coil.

In this step, which is the same for all techniques, the yeast will transform the wort inside the fermenter into beer.

When fermentation is complete, you can proceed to bottle or brew your homemade beer.

When fermentation is complete, you can use 5-liter or larger kegs to store your beer, instead of the classic bottles.

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Thirsty for advice?

watch our videos!

For us at Birramia, our work is also our greatest passion.

Our Mission therefore is to be able to pass this passion on to you as well!

How? By always offering you new content about the world of home brewing and craft beer.

On our YouTube channel you will find lots of video tutorials on how to brew beer, thorough explanations of the steps you might have doubts about, new products, and lots of informative videos to best cultivate this new hobby.

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