Extra Strong

Since 2007 extra strong malts for double malt beers! They allow to obtain strong and full-bodied beers with an exclusive taste, they do not need sugar during preparation since they include a 7 kg can of malt and also milled malted grain, they use the partial mash, or e+g, technique. In addition to the already milled malted grain, they include fresh hop, created to satisfy those who do not make do with the normal hopped malts and love drinking strong meditation beers, expecting from them a very high quality. Furthermore, with the hop boiling technique invented by Jeanluc you do not need further equipment besides the normal pots and the starter kit. All our extra strong kits include very detailed instructions in Italian, which you can look at before purchasing directly on this web site. The peculiar procedure of this recipe does not require specific equipment compared with the normal hopped malts.

Try the original and unique Kits Extra Strong Birramia ®, the first ones specifically created for you!


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