Hop Pellets

Hop pellets for beer, it looks like small cylinders of crushed and pressed hop; once added to the wort it loses the cylindrical shape, becoming again pulverised hop. The pellets are pressed without adding any further substance, thus it is only the mould which gives them their shape: it is for this reason that sometimes can happen to find hop powder in the packaged bags, due to the mechanical crushing of the cylinders during packaging. So as the other hops, it has to be filtered after boiling, by using a fine mesh strainer otherwise for more expert brewers by using the whirlpool technique. The hop pellets is one of the favorite hop type by the breweries, because it has more yield than cones or plugs (about the 10%). The hop bitterness is measured in Alpha Acid, higher the AA higher the bitterness yielded to beer by the hop.

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